Set Designer and Artistic Director Alun Davies creates worlds of visual inspiration for a variety of media. After starting his career off by working with it was only a short time before he discovered the world of the Fashion Set, moving on to work as a project manager and 1st Assistant to set Designer Shona Heath between 2005 - 2008 before setting up his own studio in 2009. Now contributing to editorials such as Another, Vogue Italia, British, Russian and U.S Vogue, V Man, Fantastic Man, Metal, I.D and many more. Contrasting styles of dark gothic realism, with bold graphic colorful and fantastical landscapes. His style, vision and hands on craft approach to Art Direction has been eagerly received by the fashion, music and moving image world equally. Developing a new take on set design through collaborating with sustainable fashion designer Lu Flux for 4 seasons, the process of sourcing and re-using materials in a sustainable and ethical way is constantly being considered.
Dalston Supernovae - Photography by Thomas Cooksey
  1. Dalston Supernovae - Photography by Thomas Cooksey

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